University With a Baby: My Story


One of the things I get messaged the most about it how I coped doing Uni with a baby. I’m gonna begin by doing a little of the back story so that everyone is up to date and knows the situation.

I had just finished my 2nd year of Uni when I found out that I was pregnant. Milo was due on the 22nd of February and I was stuck with a big decision to make; Do I do my final year pregnant or do I take a year out? At first I was sure I wanted to continue with Uni and graduate with all of my classmates but after talking to my amazing, really supportive, tutors they convinced me it was probably best to take a year out. Dissertations are usually due around March and all my final deadlines not long after; could I really do those before the baby arrived or with a newborn? So, I took a year out of Uni and carried on working until my maternity leave in January. I’m so glad i made that decision because I was so ill in my pregnancy; I had morning sickness, until I was about 5 months gone, high blood pressure, urine infections, and just generally did not feel good. Getting through just work was a struggle and I needing to take my maternity leave quite early because i just couldn’t manage there anymore. I dread to think how hard it would of been working and being at uni whilst pregnant, the thing with pregnancies are you never know how they will go, every one is so unpredictable.


Milo ended up coming almost two weeks late on the 4th March 2016. I had the first six months off with him and then I returned to uni in September. He went to nursery three mornings a week for the first semester and just two mornings the second. He did okay at nursery, I ended up not liking that nursery very much but thats a whole other blog post, and I got to go to my lectures. There were situations when I had to miss lectures, like when Milo had Chicken Pox or he just had a really bad night but my lecturers were really understanding and never made me feel bad, I just caught up when I could.


The hardest part of it all was finding time to do my assignments. Everyone has there own way of doing essays and mine is to start it two weeks before the deadline and just do little bits at a time to stop myself getting overwhelmed and to give myself time to regroup the next day before I got bored and started just typing anything. In my first year I used to write best at night so I would usually stay up until 3/4am writing and then sleep in until 12 before my afternoon lectures but obviously, with a baby that isn’t ideal. I used to have to fit in essay writing whenever and wherever. Milo still wasn’t sleeping through the night so I used to make sure I would be in bed at 11pm at the latest as to not write myself off for the next day. To be honest I probably couldn’t of done it if Ash wasn’t so supportive, he gave up a lot of football games and took a lot of extra holidays around assignment times so that he could get milo out the house for me or do bath & bed so I could catch up on all my work.


To be honest, it was all a bit of a battle and a total blur. We got through it but it was really difficult, I remember having a breakdown to Ash in the middle of my dissertation just thinking that I couldn’t do it anymore. There wasn’t enough time in the world to be a mum and a student. However, I got there and I think it was the thought that it would all be over in less than a year that got me there. I take my hat off to anyone who does Uni with a baby, especially those who have to do more that one year because if that finish line wasn’t within reaching distance I think I would of had a lot more breakdowns.


Saying that; the stress, sleepless nights, headaches, sore eyes and hard work was all worth it on Graduation Day. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I didn’t know a lot of the people who I was graduating with but it doesn’t matter when you’re walking up to grab your diploma. I don’t think I will ever feel as proud of myself as I did that day.



If I haven’t answered any of your questions or you just want a chat about what it was like please just send me an email or message on Instagram and I’ll be happy to chat!