Our Anniversary Getaway

On the 2nd September it was Ash & I’s anniversary and we decided that this year we were going to do something to celebrate. Since Milo was born 18 months ago I have only spent two nights apart from him and that was for my cousin’s wedding where I was bridesmaid. We haven’t been anywhere by ourselves in so long and we decided that spending three years together was a good enough excuse to fix that. With my parents locked down for baby duty we decided we would go to stay the night Glasgow. In an attempt to keep costs as low as they could be we didn’t book the hotel until the day we were going up and we used lastminute.com. We decided to go with Grand Central Hotel Glasgow and I’m so glad we did, you literally hop of the train and you’re there and it was so close to everything we needed.

grandcentralreception2014 (5)

I have to say that everything is decorated beautifully, they even have Europe’s second tallest chandelier hanging through the staircase. Our room wasn’t one of the suites, which I am sure are just as beautiful as reception and the dining room/bar area, but I was a little bit disappointed with it. The carpet was old and bumpy in the corners, our sink had a huge crack in it, and the curtain’s were purely for decoration so you couldn’t actually pull them to keep the light out. The bit that annoyed me the most was the noise at night, I know Glasgow is a busy city and I know that the Grand Central is a very busy hotel, which is why I didn’t want to complain at the time. There was a party or a club under our window somewhere and we could hear everything, which when you’re a parent looking forward to night away from your baby so you can actually have a good sleep for once is a little disappointing. However, the bed was comfy, the room was nice enough, the staff were lovely so I think I would definitely stay there again.

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Just a girl posing awkwardly next to the second tallest chandelier in Europe…

When we arrived we left the bags in the room and went on a shopping spree, Buchanan Galleries and Argyll street were literally a five minute max walk from the hotel, which I was so thankful for after 3 hours of shopping. We headed back to the hotel and got ready for our meal, we had both treated ourselves to new outfits when we were shopping for the occasion. We went to an Italian restaurant called Viva which was absolutely beautiful and only 5 minute walk from the hotel again. The atmosphere was nice, the food was AMAZING, and the staff were really friendly and attentive. After sitting in the restaurant stuffing our face for a good 3 hours we headed back to the hotel with intentions of checking out the bar. We didn’t make it though, I can’t tell you how full I was after my desert and coffee the thought of having a drink just did not sound fun at all and so we headed back to the hotel room. Writing that makes me feel so old and sad… but honestly sleep is life when you are a parent so I’m gonna enjoy it while I can!

Anyway I just thought I would write a little post about where we went and what we did incase anyone else was looking to steal some of our wild party night ideas from us… I’m gonna leave you with some of my fave photos from that night.

Thanks for reading x