Boy’s Autumn Clothing Wish List

Hello! You know how much I love window (can you still call it that if it’s online?) shopping so I thought I would do a wish list today for boys clothing. I have found it so difficult to find nice smart clothes for Milo since he turned one as all the cute baby clothes don’t go up to his size and most of the decent boys wear starts at 3 years. It may be a little on the pricey side but I really love River Island for his clothes at the moment and just think that the quality makes the price worth it.

Here are some of my favourite bits at the moment:


Mini Boys Black Check Long Sleeve Shirt: £14


Mini Boys Grey Block Jumper and Chinos Outfit: £24


Mini Boys Grey Knit Dinosaur Hooded Jumper: £12


Mini Boys Grey Print Pyjama Set Multipack: £20


Mini Boys Stone Smart Mac Jacket: £25


Mini Boys Blue Sid Skinny Fit Jeans: £12


Mini Boys Red Knit Bomber, T-shirt & Jeans: £30


Mini Boys Ombre Navy Pom Pom Beanie Hat: £8


If you have any recommendations for clothes shops for my tiny human please leave them below, I’m really really struggling to find thinks I like for milo and that look comfortable enough.

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2 thoughts on “Boy’s Autumn Clothing Wish List

  1. Most of Jack’s clothes come from Next as his grandmother is obsessed with the place and buys him so many clothes that we actually don’t end up getting him anything. Everything does last pretty well. I also really like H&M. They have really cute stripey tops at the the moment with little elbow patches.

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    1. Oh yeah I do like Next too but I bought him a pair of shoes for my graduation from there once that were like £20, i don’t even spend £20 on my shoes anymore haha. I used to like H&M too but the one in my town is so tiny they barely have any boy stuff. Mums of girls must be so spoilt for choice sometimes. We only have some shops we can go to! x


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