University with a Baby – Georgina’s Story


So when i signed up to do a three year foundation degree I never though that in the summer break between year 1 and 2 I would be finding out I was pregnant… but that’s where this stories starts June 2015 I found out we had a little baby on the way and I couldn’t of been more excited and honestly at this point my uni course was the last thing on my mind!
In september we found out we were having a beautiful little girl and at this time I was working 42 hours a week and going to uni one evening a week… to be honest I enjoyed it I had quite a rough pregnancy with sickness and sciatica so the distraction towards the end was what I needed and with my partner working away a lot it stopped the long evenings from being so lonely ! Nothing really changed pre baby I was just working as hard as I could to do as much as I could before baby Vincent arrived.
I managedĀ  to complete and pass 3 out 4 units for year 2 only missing the last one because it was the few months around the birth of our little girl Matilda Elizabeth.
Now I didn’t have to think about uni again until September and honestly it didn’t even cross my mind ! I was in total mummy mode enjoying every precious second I could before work and uni came back to force me to share my time away from Matilda !
As September crept closer I have to admit I considered not going back… I felt overwhelmed with the thought of work let alone studying again… it just wouldn’t be possible surely?
Now I can honestly say that the first few modules I found really hard, I was now working 3 days a week and I found it really hard to find time for my uni course…I just couldn’t picture how i would ever pass my assignments with a little baby to look after and a job to do… by this point I was also living as a single parent (but that’s another story).
Truthfully it is was one of the hardest things i have done especially when I had to take on extra work to complete the modules I missed in year 2 but I have always had my dream job at the back of my mind… I have always thought that I need to do it to help myself and Matilda in the long run and that’s what kept me going.. through the long Saturdays spent sat at the laptop, the extra nursery days Matilda has had to do so I can finish my assignments they were all worth it and now I can look forward to graduating with a foundation degree to add to my CV and I have even signed up to continue and top up my degree to a BA hons, one step closer to my dream of being a teacher !
I am so glad that i never quit, through the tough pregnancy and the days post baby I am so glad I stuck it out because if I had given up I wouldn’t be where I am now about to take another step to getting my dream career. I think it’s so important that us mums do things for us, that we make time to achieve our dreams and goals and it’s all about compromise… I love being with my daughter more than anything in the world but I feel happy in knowing that putting this time in now is only gonna give her a better future ..
My advice; if your thinking of starting a degree and you have children just do it ! You’ll make it work!